Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Why don't you put all of your products for sale on your website?

Answer: We're working towards it! If you've been in our stores, you'll know that our product shelves constantly rotate with the season and we strive to bring in products that are near-impossible to find--even for us! If you don't see what you're looking for on our website, send us a message through our CONTACT US page and we'd be happy to help!


Question: Can I choose what goes in my gift basket?

AnswerOur baskets are designed daily by our talented Basket Team and created from products taken directly from our shelves. This ensures your gift basket is always made with the best quality product, but it also means we are limited in how we can allow customization online. If you are looking for specific brands or products to be used in a gift basket, please email or call (613) 548-7721 prior to placing your order.


Question: Do you carry [SPECIFIC PRODUCT]?

Answer: For product inquiries or special requests, please contact us through the form on our CONTACT US page, email, or call our Brock Street store at (613) 548-7721.


Question: I am a Supplier/Owner/Manufacturer/Brand Manager, and I am interested in my product being sold at Cooke’s. Who do I talk to?

Answer: Cooke’s Fine Foods is always bringing in new products to add to our lineup! If you have a product that you think would shine on the Cooke’s shelves, please email with your sales pitch package.


Question: When I buy coffee in-store, I collect coffee points through the Vicinity Rewards program. Can I earn these points on my online coffee purchases? Can I redeem my points to use for online coffee orders?

Answer: The Vicinity Rewards program for coffee bought at Cooke's Fine Foods is only applicable to purchases bought in-store.



Question: Can you provide free local delivery?

Answer: Currently, we are unable to provide free delivery on purchases made from Cooke’s. We offer local delivery for the Greater Kingston Area, and shipping through Canada Post nation-wide. While we do our best to keep shipping and delivery costs low for our customers, we are unable to provide these services for free at this time.


Question: Can you ship to the United States?

Answer: Due to shipping and business restrictions, we are not currently able to ship outside of Canada. Do you know a Canadian resident who could receive your order and then ship it to you themselves? Our customers have used this method in the past to get our Cooke’s coffee delivered to them from out of country.


 Question: My shipment didn't arrive or got stolen. What can I do to recover the package?

Answer: All shipping services that we use are required to have a signature of someone who lives at the address provided for the shipment to be delivered. Due to this service we do not accept liability for loss or stolen packages. We will be happy to work with you to start a claim with the shipping company to see if a package was lost or wrongfully delivered. The process of starting a claim can take a couple of weeks and there is no guarantee for a resolution from the shipping company.